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Oregon Wine History Archive Interview With Susan Teppola

In 2011, Linfield College established the Oregon Wine History Archive to collect and centralize the oral and digital history of the Oregon wine industry. Their archives include thousands of digitized photographs and documents that paint the picture of the nascent Oregon wine industry. 

Telling the story of the Oregon wine narrative is critical to preserving the rich history of this industry. What’s more exciting, all media collected are available for use by the general public. We are thrilled that Laurel Ridge Winery founder, Susan Teppola, gave an interview with the Oregon wine history archive in 2019. This 45-minute video tells you all about how David and Susan bought the 240 acre farm near Carlton, where the winery and tasting room are today.

You can watch the full video interview here. You can browse all additional oral wine history interviews conducted with the OWHA project here

Cluster of ripe Pinot noir grapes hanging on the vine.

Memories II: How Laurel Ridge became the seventh Oregon vineyard to have Phylloxera.

The story of the how the original Laurel Ridge vineyard became infected with phylloxera begins in 1974 when our founder, David Teppola, purchased a 240-acre farm in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country. The first grape vines were planted on the Laurel Ridge estate in 1980 but it hasn’t always been easy harvesting.

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A black and white photograph of Susan, the owner of Laurel Ridge, sitting with her dog Beatrice

Laurel Ridge Winery History: How Laurel Ridge Was Named

This post is the first in a new blog series called “Memories” where Susan will share the stories about the nascent years of growing grapes on our estate vineyard near Carlton and founding Laurel Ridge, our winery. For this first post, we asked her to tell us the story of how Laurel Ridge got its name. Continue reading