Tasting Room

Visit our tasting room

Open daily 11-5, you can experience our wines at the source! Enjoy a rotating tasting flight featuring new releases and tasting room exclusive wines in our estate setting. We love to accommodate your special occasions and requests. Call in advance to make arrangements for a tour, party or group tasting of 8 or more.

methode champenoisePrice per bottle6 to 11 bottles you save 10%1 to 3 cases you save 15%3 or more cases you save 20%
Brut Sparkling Wine New Release$35.00$31.50$29.75$28.00
White Wines
’14 Chasselas Doré (estate grown)18.0016.2015.3014.40
’12 Chardonnary20.0018.0017.0016.00
’11 Dry Gewurztraminer18.0016.2015.3014.40
’10 Roca Vineyard Dry Riesling18.0016.2015.3014.40
’14 Pinot Gris20.0018.0017.0016.00
’12 Roca Vineyard Riesling18.0016.2015.3014.40
Pink Wines
’14 Rosé18.0016.2015.3014.20
Red Wines
’13 Reserve Pinot Noir New Release30.0027.0025.5024.00
’12 Stardance Pinot Noir25.0022.5021.2520.00
’10 David’s Tableau Vivant25.0022.5021.2520.00
’10 Tempranillo20.0018.0017.0016.00
’12 Zinfandel New Release35.0031.5029.7528.00
’10 Parallel35.0031.5029.7528.00
’10 Deuce35.0021.5029.7528.00
’10 Cabernet Sauvignon40.0035.0034.0032.00
Laurel Ridge Aperitif Wines
’10 Les Collines Riesling22.0022.0022.0022.00
’08 Cabernet Sauvignon Port75.0075.0075.0075.00